Pharmaceutical Exporters Karachi Pakistan Baba International Leading Pharmaceutical Exporters Importers Suppliers and Distributors in Karachi Pakistan

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Surgical Equipments Karachi Pakistan

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Baba International has been declared as number one Pharmaceutical Exporters Importers and Distributors In Pakistan by Independent Sources

Pharmaceutical Importers Karachi Pakistan

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Pharmaceutical Exporters Karachi Pakistan

Leading Phamaceutical Exporter, Importer and Distributor of FMCG and Health Care Products in Pakistan

Baba International

Baba International (B.I.) is one of the leading Phamaceutical, Surgical Equipment and Health Care Product, Importers, Exporters and Distributors in Pakistan. Established in 1991 by the Choudhari family in Karachi Pakistan, Baba International has earned a reputation of fulfilling its customers' requirements by providing an extensive product range. Baba International is an exporter of Pharmaceuticals Products, Surgical Equipment, FMCG and General Merchandise including Match Boxes from worldwide sources. The company now has representation of a range of reputed international manufacturers from Pakistan, China and Philippines, for whom they also provide marketing/promotional services in their export sales territories. Moreover, Baba International has also begun to contract manufacture and market products under its own brand names. The company has also been able to contract/win supplies from major Multi-National Corporations for the African territories. Baba International exports products within Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and the Far East comprising a total of over 23 countries. In fact Baba International has its own import and distribution network in both East and West Africa. Increased sales have given Baba International an edge over competitors in the export sector in Pakistan. Baba Internationalís success is attributed to its philosophy to achieve customer satisfaction, and commitment to provide superior products. Baba International has focused its efforts on providing its customers with quality products at fair prices, thereby winning not only the confidence of its customerís, but also of the regulatory agents / authorities in the importing countries.

With independent marketing desk managers and a team of dedicated professionals, Baba International with an international outlook and focus ensures prompt service and satisfaction by fulfilling all its customer’s requirements. Most senior and middle management employees are true professionals having spent a greater part of their careers working for well-known Multinational Corporations. It is from this team of dedicated professional’s along with the Baba International’s historic association with the African Continent that the company derives its core strength.

Pharmaceutical Distributors Suppliers Karachi Pakistan

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