Pharmaceutical Exporters Pakistan Baba International Leading Pharmaceutical Exporters Importers and Distributors in Pakistan

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Baba International has been declared as number one Pharmaceutical Exporters Importers and Distributors In Pakistan by Independent Sources

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Leading Phamaceutical Exporter, Importer and Distributor of FMCG and Health Care Products in Pakistan

Sales Team

Baba International’s sales achievements have been made possible through the efforts of all its employees. We were able to increase the list of pharmaceutical products from 30 to 1,000. We have also created and developed various international markets for these products. It is a matter of pride that B.I. has been able to achieve this distinctive progress, maintain its original share of old markets, and above all satisfy its customers.

We are planning to open our new offices in Uganda, Nigeria and subsidiaries in Ghana, South Africa, and Maldives, and setup our financial headquarters in the United Kingdom or United States. With these new offices, we shall be in a better position to cater to our various territories / customers as well as increase sales and annual turnover to new horizons.

Exporting Pharmaceutical in Whole World

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